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We are pretty smug about our gallery

Retired Chief Chuck Hampton gets to work on launching our historical digital archiving project at the Dallas Firefighter's Museum.

A couple of years ago, Chuck Hampton lead the effort with several others on our Board of Directors when they realized the need to digitally archive the many photographs and videos that preserve the firefighting history of our Dallas Fire and Rescue Department. They made a plan and slowly started to execute it.

One of the first steps was to ramp-up the high-resolution scanning process of the photographs. This very labor-intensive project was handled with care and caution. Each photograph properly labeled and recorded with what was happening in the photo. The group has made a lot of progress and that has resulted in the official launch of the archived gallery. While there is still more work to be done, to date the archive is growing and with much thanks to Chuck Hampton's leadership and the efforts of his team members.

There are other components of the Digital Archiving and Restoration project for the photographs and videos of the Museum, but this step is taking the Museum in the right direction and we are extremely happy with the progress.

You can now browse the gallery and you can also use the ‘find’ feature to find specific photos. Because rookie school photographs are frequently requested, for your convenience we have even made it possible for you to purchase copies of your rookie school photo directly from the website.

If you would like to purchase a copy of other photographs, or have questions about how to navigate the gallery, please contact us through

Check it out by visiting our website

and clicking gallery on the navigation or using this direct link

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