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A Legacy of firefighting in the City of Dallas

For over 50 years, the Museum has been operated by active-duty and retired firefighters. Working during their time off, they have given tours, managed educational programming, and maintained the Museum. The board ensures that the memory of fallen firefighters sacrificed will not be forgotten. The Museum works to collect, preserve, and present the history and cultural heritage of the fire service of Dallas and to provide fire prevention and all-hazards life safety education to the public, especially children.


The mission of the Dallas Firefighter’s Museum is to collect, preserve, and present the history and cultural heritage of the department, to honor its fallen heroes, and to provide fire prevention, protection, and all-hazards life safety education to the public, especially children.


Executive Board


Trixie G. Lohrke
Board President
Battalion Chief 8B
DFR Retired

Daniel DeYear.jpg

Daniel DeYear
Board Vice President
Deputy Chief, DFR

Ray Cherry.jpg

Ray Cherry 
Board Secretary
Honorary Chief 

Sherwood Blount.jpg

Sherwood E. Blount, Jr.
Capital Campaign Chair
Honorary Chief


Chuck Hampton
Battalion Chief 5A 
DFR Retired

BOard of Directors

David Allen.jpg

David Allen
Battalion Chief

Cedar Hill Fire Dept. Retired

Rett Blankenship.jpg

Rett Blankenship
Past Museum President
Captain, DFR Retired

Debbie Carlin.jpg

Debbie Carlin
Assistant Chief
DFR Retired

Gene Conway.jpg

Gene Conway
Texas Fire Museum

Kimberly Davies.jpg

Kimberly L. Davies
Registered Nurse
Children's Health 

Cali Franks.jpg

Cali M. Franks-Field

Stuart Grant.jpg

Stuart Grant
Assistant Chief, GFD
Deputy Chief DFR Retired


Don Howard
Captain, Arson

DFR Retired 

Stephan J. Lopez Jr . Deputy Chief


Debra Mullins.jpg

Debra Mullins

Section Chief, IA

DFR Retired

Laurel Pittman

Captain, Arson



Ronnie Yankey

Paramedic Captain

Irving Fire Dept Retired

Texas Fire Museum



 Denny Burris

Chaplain, DFR Retired

Dale Carman

Groove Jones

Mark Davies

Jimmy Faulkner
Fleet Services Manager, DFR Retired 

Steven Randall Franks

Elaine Maddox

Chaplain, DFR

Marshall Pettway

Fire Rescue Officer 37C, DFR


Joe Piper
Head of EMS Training, DFR  

John Slate

City Archivist, Dallas Municipal Archives

Ronnie Tocci

Captain, ARFF Training Coordinator, DFR

Justin Treaster

Fire Rescue Officer, DFR Retired


Sherrie C. Wilson

Driver Engineer, DFR Retired


Corbin Blount

Museum Docents

Gary "Bubba" Benningfield

Jerry "Zip" Crawford
Michael G. Hoskins
Terry May

Michael J. Rogers

Key Committee Members

Mary Brown
Patty Pickard
Shannon Braden

Karen Hoskins



Building for
the Future

When the Board of the Dallas Firefighter's Museum decided that they wanted to expand the part of the mission statement that speaks to teaching fire safety to children, they decided to increase the outreach exponentially with an emphasis on fire prevention and all-hazards life safety education towards school-age children.

The Board knew that they would need to upgrade the facility as the Museum had never been renovated since its opening in 1975. The Board planned a capital campaign into two phases which consisted of Phase I to renovate the exterior of the building and Phase II to renovate the entire interior of the building. 

We have gathered the best resources for Firefighters and Uniformed Personnel.

We update these lists regularly so check back often. And if you have a recommendation of something we should be listing - let us know!

Fire Hoses
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