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Strategic Partnership with Museum and Fire Grounds Coffee Company Announced

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Dallas Firefighter’s Museum and Fire Grounds Coffee Company are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Dallas Firefighter’s Museums history and education efforts and Fire Grounds Coffee Company’s high-grade coffee.

Dallas Firefighter’s Museum, a historic preservation and educational museum, announced that it would enter into a strategic partnership with Fire Grounds Coffee Company a Dallas firefighter run company. This partnership will provide 5% back on sales of coffee from vendor accounts of Fire Grounds to increased revenue to the museum for on-going projects and programming.

Committed to Community

“This partnership will allow the museum to strengthen and diversify revenue to fund efforts of the museum as it enters into a new decade of providing innovative approaches to public All-Hazards Life Safety Education and Fire Prevention as well as support a firefighter owned and operated business.”, shared Museum Board President Battalion Chief Trixie Lohrke. “We are also excited about the development of a new coffee blend that will be after our museum’s namesake Old Tige No. 5 that will be launched before the end of the first quarter.”

The unique partnership will give Fire Grounds Coffee Company the continued opportunity to focus on their charitable priorities to support our first responders by preserving their history and educating the community. “We believe this is a win-win for all involved and are excited to partner with the Museum. Their efforts to preserve and educate are needed more now than ever. We need to educate our community to prevent, respond, and react to all-hazards in the same manner we train our firefighters to mitigate them. We could not be prouder to be partnering by providing an innovative revenue stream for this long-standing nonprofit in our community.”, stated Paul Clarke, Co-Founder of Fire Grounds Coffee Company.

Fire Grounds Coffee Company is a high-grade coffee company sold online and in brick and mortar locations providing a multifaceted flavor profile from their four lines: Rescue Roast, Bubba Brew, Bury Up Black, and Back the Blue. The grounds cost $16 for 1 pound, $40 for 3 pounds, or $20 for a variety pack that includes a 4-ounce sample of each. To learn more about this partnership and how you can support by purchasing please go to

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