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Old Tige coffee is launched

Old Tige the Museum's namesake is launched in partnership with the Fire Grounds Coffee Company as it's own coffee!

Over the last few months we have brewed up something pretty special with Fire Grounds Coffee Company. We are excited to launch our own Old Tige No. 5 Coffee. You can purchase your Old Tige Coffee here:

Old Tige is an Ahrens horse drawn steam pumper, manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio and purchased by the City of Dallas in August 1883. It was a 600 gallons-per-minute pumper and served the growing downtown area. It was delivered on February 19, 1884.  The name "Old Tige" was the nickname of the Mayor of Dallas at that time, Mr. W. L. Cabell. It is now and has been since 1975 at home with the Dallas Firefighter's Museum in the Fair Park neighborhood. It is now a prize historical apparatus, the centerpiece in the collection at the Museum.

Now about the coffee! The flavor is Full City Roast, a delicious balance of dark roast and medium roast flavors. Chocolate, toast, caramel, and almonds are all featured in this blend. As always with Fire Grounds, they feature 100% premium Colombian Excelso beans for a superior cup of coffee every time.

Bonus! With each purchase of Old Tige coffee or any of Fire Grounds Coffee Company's coffees the Museum receives a donation. The donations from each purchase helps us to gain momentum with our capital campaign and operations for a renovated and updated museum to teach fire prevention, all-hazards life safety, and historical history of firefighting in Dallas. You can find all varieties of coffee here.

Museum President and Dallas Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Trixie Lohrke shared, "This partnership will allow the museum to strengthen and diversify revenue to fund efforts of the museum as it enters into a new decade of providing innovative approaches to public All-Hazards Life Safety Education and Fire Prevention as well as supporting a firefighter owned and operated business. We are also excited about the development of a new coffee blend that is after our museum’s namesake Old Tige No. 5.”

Shop, Sip, and Support by purchasing coffee today:


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