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Dallas Firefighter's ignite inspired coffee variety to bring fire safety education to children

Fire Grounds Coffee Company has collaborated with Dallas Firefighter’s Museum to bring latest variety of coffee brand honoring the Museum’s namesake and funding Fire Safety Education.

Fire Grounds Coffee Company, a Dallas firefighter and veteran run company earlier this year committed to provide 2.5% back on all coffee and merchandise sales to support the Dallas Firefighter’s Museum for programming, and capital improvements to the 50 year old museum that focuses on Fire Safety and All Hazards Safety Education for Children in the surrounding Dallas area. Now Fire Grounds has announced the new coffee variety uniquely named “Old Tige”, which is the namesake for the Museum and the steam engine that is a prized apparatus of the Museum. The “Old Tige 5” is a full city roast coffee and was officially launched in September. The coffee has notes of chocolate, almonds, bourbon, and caramel. It is a full, rich cup that delivers a premium experience to the coffee drinker.

“Old Tige 5 is quickly becoming one of our most popular roasts and for good reason.” stated Fire Grounds CEO Paul Clarke. Paul is an active Dallas Firefighter and U.S. Marine Veteran. Fire Grounds Coffee Company continues to focus on their charitable priorities to support our first responders by preserving their history and educating the community, the partnership with the Dallas Firefighter Museum allows for just that. “This partnership has allowed the museum to strengthen and diversify revenue to fund efforts of the museum as it enters into a new decade of providing innovative to historic and safety education. With the “Old Tige” coffee variety offered by Fire Grounds; this makes this relationship that much more special. Plus, it is one of the best brews I’ve tasted in a long time.”, shared Museum Board President Battalion Chief Trixie Lohrke. Fire Grounds Coffee Company is a high-grade coffee company sold online and in brick and mortar locations providing a multifaceted flavor profile from their five lines: Old Tige 5, Rescue Roast, Bubba Brew, Bury Up Black, and Back the Blue. The grounds cost $16 for 1 pound, $40 for 3 pounds, or $20 for a variety pack that includes a 4-ounce sample of each. To shop please go to or for holiday orders go to

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