Dallas Fire-Rescue

Sesquicentennial Celelbration


150 years filled with pride, honor, and Sacrefice

On July 4, 2022 the Dallas Fire-Rescue will celebrate 150 years of serving the City of Dallas,
which officially began operations on July 4, 1872.

“Most aren’t even aware we were close to the date,” said Fire Chief Artis. “It’s pretty remarkable and everybody knows the department. We have a great relationship with the community and the department is almost as old as the city.”

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We are excited as we start the planning and strategy process for celebration activities. This will be a great page to bookmark and return to learn about the progress of planning and what you can look forward to! 

We are proud to announce our Dallas Fire-Rescue Department Sesquicentennial Committee.

Dallas Fire-Rescue
Sesquicentennial Planning Committee

George Gamez, Chair

Eric Beal
Rett Blankenship
Sherwood Blount

Christopher Davis

Daniel E. DeYear

Patrick Finnell 

Adrianna Gallegos

Stuart Grant

Charles Hampton

Tami Kayea
Trixie Lohrke

Elaine Maddox

Chris Martinez
John Slate
Heather Stevens

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