Building History

What makes it special?

The mission is the driving force behind the success of the Museum and states, “The purpose and mission of the Dallas Firefighter’s Museum is to provide to City of Dallas at thriving and well-attended historical and educational asset. The Museum will teach fire safety, honor the fallen heroes of the department and preserve firefighting heritage.” The goal of the Dallas Firefighter’s Museum is to honor its mission.

Since 1975, the Dallas Firefighter’s Museum has been operated by a Board of Directors made up of active duty and retired firefighters and community volunteers. Working at the Museum during their off time, you might regularly see firefighter’s teaching classes, painting and polishing the Museum. This work was all to insure that the history and memory of fallen and retired firefighters and their sacrifices, would not be forgotten. Currently, four part time, retired firefighters, act on a rotating basis, as Museum curators giving wonderful tours and sharing the history and  stories of the lives of firefighters.