Rules for 2017 FireFest Hose Cart Races

Please see the hose cart race video at our website starting May 18​th​ for more details –

  1. Each team will consist of 5 members. 4 members of each team will be assigned to pull the Hose
    Cart, 1 member will be assigned to the nozzle.
  2. The course for the race will be approximately 200ft.
  3. At their appointed time, the entire team will assemble at the designated “Starting Line.”
  4. At the sounding of the air horn the race will begin.
  5. Each team will receive one false start and be given a chance to reset. More than one false start will
    constitute disqualification and elimination from the competition.
  6. At the sounding of the air horn, 4 members of the team will advance the hose cart along the track
    to the designated finish line.
  7. The fifth member of the team will advance with the hose cart to the line designated “Nozzle Line.”
  8. Upon reaching the “Nozzle Line,” the fifth member will secure the nozzle to the hose line.
  9. If at any time following the start of the race, the nozzle passes the designated “Water Line,” the
    team will receive a warning from the race judge. If the placement is not corrected the team will be
  10. The race judge positioned at the “Finish Line” will indicate when the hose cart has come to a safe
    and complete stop.
  11. Upon the race judge’s ruling, the team will take the female end of the hose line and proceed to
    connect to the appointed water device.
  12. Once connected to the water device, a minimum of two members must be in possession of the
    hose line before and during water delivery. Following attachment to the water device, if a minimum of
    two members do not have controlled possession of the hose line the team will be disqualified.
  13. When verbal communication has been established between the nozzle man and the hydrant man
    and the hose is possessed by a minimum of 2 members, the race judge at the hydrant will indicate
    that water can be flowed. Upon the race judge’s confirmation, the water device will be opened fully.
  14. Once the water device has been fully opened and the hose line has been charged, the nozzle
    man will open the bale of the nozzle completely, utilizing a smooth movement.
  15. The water stream will be directed by the nozzleman toward the designated target and members
    on the hose line will advance the nozzle to the “Water Line” while taking aim at the designated target.
    The evolution will conclude when the target has been fully toppled from its position, as per the race